The Boutique Business Advantage

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Boutique Business

When you hear the phrase boutique business, what do you think of? Boutique businesses are businesses that are small in comparison to big box retailers and other established branded businesses. They have a smaller staff, smaller clientele lists, and typically smaller brand recognition. They are small in number, but they can be mighty in earning potential. Today we're going to look at some ways that boutique business owners can outshine their larger competitors, so if you're a boutique business owner, be encouraged!

The Boutique Business Advantage

Intimate Customer Service

Have you ever had a question while shopping around in Walmart? If the answer is yes, then you probably know how inefficient and under trained Walmart's staff can be. This issue is not exclusive to Walmart, rather it is a hallmark of big box retailers and other Fortune 500 companies. As their revenue increases, their customer service decreases. As a boutique business owner, you have an edge over these companies because you are able to attend to each and every customer and potential customer. You answer their questions, solve their problems, and exceed their expectations one customer at a time. That's something that big box businesses can only dream of.

Fast Shipping

As an owner of a boutique business I exceed my customers' delivery expectations by providing expedient shipping. I am able to ship their orders out within one business day; sometimes on the same day that the orders were placed. Do bigger companies do that without charging additional handling fees? Probably not.


If you are a boutique business owner, then you probably wear every hat. At times that may be frustrating and overwhelming, but look on the bright side. Being involved in every aspect of your business makes you somewhat of an authority on the matter, even if you have had to teach yourself. Big box businesses are often departmentalized. One department often has no clue how the other does its job, but not us. Since we have our hands in everything, we are more likely to be deep wells of information. That is definitely a plus when dealing with clientele, because we as boutique business owners are able to discuss details at depth and offer information from many perspectives!

Creative Control

The last perk that I want to emphasize is a boutique business' ability to completely influence their brand's creativity. As a boutique owner, you can do things like offer one-of-a-kind items, refresh your website design at will, decide what products or services to offer, and award customer loyalty in tailor-made ways. All without having to consult a soul for permission! Not to mention the fact that boutique businesses are the queens of client individualization. If a customer needs a bespoken product, they're not going to call up Target. They're going to call you, because they know that you are the buyer and/or the creative force behind the brand.

The Take-Away

If you haven't gotten the picture yet, let me reiterate by saying that boutique business owners have many ways in which we can set ourselves apart from the competition. Some people think that there is always strength in numbers, but successful boutique owners know that small and quaint often translates into highly efficient and specialized. So, raise your glass, revel in your business' differences, and work them to your a boss!

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