Bath Bombs and Bosom Buddies

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A Bomb Idea

A year or two ago, I started this thing where I spend my birthdays alone…by choice. Real-ass moms with real life demands and stresses understand the why. Fist bump me in the streets when you see me. I’ll know what it’s about! Anyway, this year I went back to Jax simply because I didn’t feel like driving 4 hours to Atlanta after 8 hours of work. I paid for a Saturday class to perfect my bath bomb craft. Cost…$50. Value…PRICELESS.

Misery Loves Company

A few minutes into the class, I realized that I had already figured that shit out on my own at home, and that I actually should have signed up for the advanced course, but whatever! The value was in the fact that I met another woman who also hated her job and was investing in herself so that she could start a business that fulfilled her. Ladies, if you haven’t figured it out yet or taken notice, there is a movement going on. Lots of us are returning to our creative, little-girl selves…and making a profit doing it.

Creatives Have to Create

As I looked around the class of women of varying ages, I realized that we all probably used to create something with our hands when we were girls, but we somehow got sucked into the rat race of life and forgot how relaxing and fulfilling creation made us feel. This was our return. My partner and I clicked instantly. This happens so rarely with me, that when it does happen, I know it’s divinely arranged. So we get to talking about how I design my own labels for my products and market them, etc. I also explained to my partner the reason that I ended up in Jax alone on my birthday, and she totally got me. She kept saying that this [chance meeting] was meant to happen. We exchanged numbers.

I Gave Her the Hand

After class was over she invited me out for drinks. Cool, down-to-Earth chick who loves making bath and body products and candles and wants to start her own business…how could I resist? Over margaritas, guac & chips, and Mexican street corn, which is delish, we hit on so many commonalities. Sometimes I amaze my introverted self at how relaxed and gregarious I can be with perfect strangers! We talked about how she had been skipped over for promotions at her job, about her fears of putting herself out there with her products, about marketing, racism, the north versus the south, stepping out on faith, starting a business on a shoestring budget, LLCs and business checking accounts, how success is NOT overnight, and more. We were both right, our connection was written in the stars. I told her that I believe that when we start to move in the direction of our passion, God places people on our path to help move us forward. If I never see her again, it won’t change the fact that I was a hand on her back that day moving her one step closer to her goal of business ownership. The investment we made in ourselves that day cost us, but the sisterhood was free!

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