Expel Mucus, Fight Respiratory Irritation with Mighty Mullein & Ginger Tea

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Friend or Foe?

Mucus, snot, cold, phlegm, boogers, whatever you call it...it has a purpose. An article on The National Institutes of Health's webpage states, "...mucus tames pathogens contained in its sticky matrix so the immune system can kick in and fight when it needs to...", but what happens when you have too much of it and your body's immune system isn't processing and eliminating it as it should? According to Dr. Sebi, all diseases are caused by a build-up of mucus in the body (I.e. pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, etc).

How Can You Help Your Immune System Fight?

I've been brewing up store-brought teabags of mullein tea for a while now for my youngest son and for myself as needed. Recently, I've gotten into brewing my own blends from scratch. This particular blend is a combination of mullein, ginger, water, cinnamon, and honey; all playing their part in your immune system. I do believe that the body is designed to heal itself, but it HAS to be taken care of and fed the right foods.

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger has warming and drying qualities. The warming aspect increases the body's heat to thin fluids so they are better to pass through the pores and channels. The drying effect removes excess fluid when there it too much dampness in the body, such as the drainage after a sinus infection which can often lead to bronchitis afterwards.

Did you know that ginger is a also a potent anti-inflammatory, which studies have shown is as effective as ibuprofen at reducing the pain and inflammation of arthritis? Fresh ginger is also a potent antiviral & antibacterial.

 fresh ginger

 Benefits of Mullein

Chances are unless you're into herbal remedies, you've never even heard of Mullein. It is an excellent herbal lung tonic and expectorant that has a hydrating effect on the lungs. Mullein contains saponins that loosen mucus and are helpful to dry coughs.

mullein leaves

My Personal Experience

My youngest son has been the driving reason that I have delved deeper into herbal remedies. When he was younger, his pediatrician wrote a prescription for a Pari nebulizer machine and the steroids to use with it. The change of seasons always hit him harder than anyone else in the house, and I knew that I didn't want him on steroids long term so I began researching. How many of you moms can relate? It's taken trials of a few different herbal remedies, but I'm gradually finding ones that are more effective for him than the last.

We have made hot herbal teas a norm for him, and when he is struggling with congestion and coughing, we make it a daily one. Overall I am excited and satisfied that we're able to keep him healthy with the least amount of pharmaceuticals possible.

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