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Eczema How I Hate Thee

The Summertime has been a little challenging for me, not because of the heat, but because of my eczema. It all started when I moved into my home 8 years ago. I love the quiet, rural location, hate the well water! Even with a water filtration system, I started getting tiny little water blisters on my skin. I couldn't figure out what was causing them. I finally made the connection to the water.

Fast forward a couple of years and 1 very expensive water filtration system later...eczema! Leg eczema how I hate thee, let me count the ways! If you have eczema or know someone who does, you know what a pain in the ass it can be. The pics I'm about to show you are of my right leg. Granted my left leg has eczema too, but thankfully is a negligible little patch.

The Progression

I'm almost embarrassed to show that the eczema progressed from a small area and made itself front-and-center on my leg. Embarrassed because I just didn't keep my hands off of it, and because I continued to shave because I was too vain to walk around with a patch of hairy, eczematized skin; yeah I just made that word up. This is where fellow-sufferers can sympathize with me. I did it because IT ITCHED! Not a little itch, but an itchy itch beckoning you to scratch it. It's like a drug. You know you're not supposed to scratch, but it feels soooo good when you do. Then later it starts to hurt because you've created tiny cracks in the skin with your nails, and then comes the oozing. That's followed by the area increasing in size. 

Once my eczema got to that point, I scrambled to find something to ease the pain and heal the cracks. It would work for a while, but then I would start itching again, because that's what skin does when it starts healing. You know what would happen then. It was a vicious cycle! 

The Remedy

Thankfully, and because I got tired of dealing with it, I finally found some relief! From the September 6th to the September 15th pic, you can see a big difference. So what did I do? First, I realized that I needed a preventative maintenance plan and not just a treatment. Secondly, I discovered the amazing benefits of African black soap. I know I'm so late to the band wagon, and maybe you are too. Now I use it as an all-over body wash before I apply my 2nd line of defense, something that I whipped up, X-zema butter. Please excuse the pics of my tester sample. The African black soap is available in liquid form now on our online store! The X-zema butter will be available soon! If you're just "itching" for me to put it up for sale on the website ASAP, reply to this email or leave a comment to light some fire under me.


Stay Tuned

Now you know my dirty little secret and what I'm doing about it. Keep your eyes peeled for our next new product specifically designed to restore hyperpigmented skin back to its natural color. I'll be using it on my ex-eczema patch and documenting my skin's journey back to health so that I can share with you! 



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