She Poses in Thrift: A Lookbook of the Model Vs. the Girl Next Door

Takiela Langley

Poses Inspired by High Fashion

I got the idea to start doing my take on high-fashion, couture model poses from The Spirited Thrifter, who is a fellow thrift enthusiast. I had seen the concept done before, but this time, I was inspired to action. So, I thought that maybe other thrift addicts would enjoy a lookbook of my "versus" poses in my thrifted finds.

The Concept

In case you're wondering what "versus" poses vs. the professional model in the same or similar pose. They're in top-dollar designer duds, and I'm in second-hand, thrifted pieces that I've purchased to sell on my online thrift store or to add to my own wardrobe. They're photographed by world-renowned photographers wielding expensive, top-of-the-line cameras, and I'm shot by my cousin, Kayla Reed, with my Canon Rebel! If you're curious to know the back story of a piece, just click on the pic. This post will be updated with new poses as they are taken, now without further ado, enjoy!

Asian-Themed Chico's Blouse via Goodwill

My Inspiration

On the left, model Zo Nowak poses in Italian designer duds. I pose in an Asian-themed Chico's blouse via Goodwill that I paid $4 and some change for.

thrifted Express skirt with pockets Red Express Skirt w/ Pockets via Goodwill

My Inspiration

I didn't find much info on the red-headed model on the left. However, I am pictured wearing  a red Express skirt with pockets, which I love! The skirt was purchased at the Goodwill for less than $4.

she poses in thrift-4 Rubber Ducky Polka Dot Dress via Goodwill

My Inspiration

The above photograph on the left, is of model Peggy Moffit. She was a model in the 1960's. The Rubber Ducky dressed whispered "Mod" to me, so I searched for Twiggy, and stumbled upon Peggy. The Rubber Ducky dress is from the Goodwill; purchased for about $3.78. View this link for more about Mod.

poses ICU Blouse via Goodwill


My Inspiration

The model on the left was shot by Yie Sandison as part of his La Dolce Vita series. The style of dress the model is wearing is retro Italian inspired. My sheer blouse with the sequins Peter Pan collar is by ICU and was purchased at the Goodwill for less than $4.


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