Social Media Led to 40-Minute Phone Convo with Perfect Stranger

Takiela Langley Hustle & Motivate

Life Can Be So Random

Random like the-picture-above-this-heading-random. Yesterday, I shared a Facebook post by a female entrepreneur promoting her business because her story resonated with me. She responded with a thank you, and that sparked a conversation. To make a long story short, she sent me her phone number, and we talked on the phone for like 40 minutes! Soooo random, right?! I'm not sure if this is a school teacher thing, a woman thing, or an I-see-you-girl thing, but sometimes women just wanna talk, and it can be the most intimate conversation with someone they don't know from Eve.

Karma Isn't Always a Bitch

So what did we talk about? Business ideas mostly; how to get more business, how to cut overhead, and one of my favorite subjects...side hustling. Although I knew that the time loss on that phone conversation was going to throw my schedule off track for the day, I also knew it was an opportunity to support a woman, and I've learned that the best way to get support is to give it. I've also learned that the return won't necessarily be from the same person that you gave it to, but it's okay because karma knows where to find you.

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