The Natural Skincare Queen Turns 1!

Takiela Langley Hustle & Motivate

We were gonna wear our birthday suit to celebrate our 1 year birthday, but we decided to do a give-away instead and tell you a short story about The Natural Skincare Queen.

In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was this shy girl who with an ugly label who wanted to do business, but she was scared to put herself out there. She mustered up the courage to do her first public event, which was at the Farmer's Market at Mary Ross Waterfront. That day she got only 1 sale, and it was from her ex. Lol! But...that one day built her confidence and made her a little less nervous to pursue her vision.

She Persevered

The shy girl turned into an entrevert, a combination of an introvert and an entrepreneur, and went on to do her first big event and start another business, The Melanin Makers' Market, with her bestie and business partner, King Beazus.

The Moral of the Story is...

Don't let fear stand in the way of doing something that can elevate and fulfill you, and...enter this give-away!!!

Give-Away Rules & Deets

Who?: There will be 3 randomly-chosen winners! You are eligible to win if you have NOT won a NSQ give-away within the past 365 days.

What?: The grand prize is a $25 NSQ gift card redeemable only on the website. The gift card expires after 1 year. The 2 grand prizes are the best-selling scents, Rosé and Midnight Oil fragrance oils. We'll even throw in a sample of our body butter!

How?: To enter to win, you have to subscribe to our email list (if you're not already a subscriber) using the pop-up on our site AND share this post on Facebook or tag 2 friends on Instagram.

When?: The deadline to enter is 4.29.20 at 11:59 p.m. EST. The winners will be announced via email and social media on Friday, 4.30.20!

May the Best Win!



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