1. Q: How do I know what scent my body butter, sugar scrub, candle is? A: Look on the bottom of the container.
    Markings  Scent
    VW Vanilla Waiver
    KL Key-Lime Butter Creme
    BS Birthday Suit (unscented
    Euc Eucalyptus
    L Lavender
    MO Midnight Oil
    Bae Baecation
    SSS Sea Salt Sand
    BJ Black Jazz

    Sweet Pea




    Fade and Shaved

  2. Q: How do body butters ship? A: They're shipped completely frozen with frozen gel packs and insulated shipping liners in warm months.
  3. Q: Is my butter still good if it is melted? A: Of course it is! It will lose its fluffiness, but it will still weigh the same and have the same great skin benefits. You will just need to pop it in the fridge until it solidifies, then keep it at room temp.