Hire Me

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

In the age of information there is no reason that anyone can't make money online. This is especially true if you are an entrepreneur! If you have a business that does not have the capability to accept and ship orders to your customers, you're leaving money on the table. 

 Is Starting an Online Store Easy?

If you're not tech-savvy enough to do it...no! You're probably gonna want to bang your head against the wall. That's why you should hire me. I have years of experience working with the Shopify and Squarespace platforms. I can get your store up and running in no time.

What Can I Expect?

We will schedule a phone, FaceTime, or in-person consultation to discuss your needs and expectations for your store as well as what tasks I will perform. After the consultation, you will make a deposit so that I can get started on your site. Once the store has been setup to your satisfaction, I will walk you through the features and give you a tutorial on the essential functions. You will then pay the remainder of your balance, and I will transfer ownership of your store to you!

What's the Cost?

Online store setup starts at $150 with a 25% deposit required for me to commence work. The remaining balance must be paid before store ownership is transferred to you.

Start Where You Are

Time is going to pass regardless of whether or not you're making use of it. Don't let another year go by that you don't make a concerted effort to pursue your dreams. If you're ready to add another stream of income to your business or household, contact me today!


Standard $100

Store setup with standard theme design.

3 Days Delivery, 3 Revisions
  • 3 Pages
  • 5 Products
  • Content Upload
  • 3 Plugins/Extensions

Elevated $150

Store setup with standard theme design and uploaded logo (provided by you in png format).

3 Days Delivery, 4 Revisions

  • 3 Pages
  • 10 Products
  • Content Upload
  • 4 Plugins/Extensions
  • Setup Payment Gateway

Premium $175

Store setup with color customization of theme and uploaded logo (provided by you in png format).

3 Days Delivery, 5 Revisions

  • 4 Pages
  • 15 Products
  • Content Upload
  • 5 Plugins/Extensions
  • Setup Payment Gateway
  • Design Customization


*Additional product uploads are $10/product.

*Additional pages are $20/page.